[x300] Daytime Running Lights - DRL Is this correct?

I came across this on the JCNA forum:

''I just went through this with my 1995 XJS V12, it could not
be easier. There is no programming involved in getting the
daytime running lamps working - you just need a few parts
from your local dealer:

2 x DAC-7687 Relay
1 x DAC-7686 Relay
1 x LHC-3450AA Wiring Harness

All the cars left the factory pre-wired for daytime running
lamps, but the USA bound cars were shipped without these
final few bits. In the engine bay, along the top of the
inner left wing, you will find wiring ends to plug the new
harness into, and a bracket just waiting for the relays. If
you go really slow, it’s a five minute job to install.’’

Is this applicable to my 1996 XJ12?
The 1996 MY XJ12 is OBD II, whereas the XJS 6.0L is OBDI…

Chris Los 1989 V12 Vanden Plas, 1996 XJ12
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In reply to a message from thetopdogg sent Sun 29 Nov 2009:

I have a 2003 XJ8 which I imported in to Canada which DRL
are mandated. I took it to th edealer to turn on DRLs via
the ODBII.

Good luck
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Hi thetopdogg!
I’m a new member and would like to DISABLE the DRL (1996 X330 Vanden Plas, first delivered in Canada) - unfortunately the official Jaguar Trader was not able to do… So could you be so kind and send me an explanation (in details) how to reinstall the relays? Please contact by harol@mein.gmx
Thank you.
regards HA

Best of luck with this, the originals post was made in 2009, I’m not sure if they are still active.
But welcome to the forums.

You might try what I did to get them. I replaced the body processor module from a Canadian donar car that also gave me front headlight washers. Everything worked the same

Hello Phil,
sorry for not responding until now…
I actually have a second BPM - but it’s from a GERMAN vehicle (my current vehicle is from Canada). I’m worried that the replacement might disrupt all the other control units.
Are you sure that an exchange is possible without any problems? (Jaguar couldn’t give me any information on this…)
Best regards

Could you unplug the DRLs and bridge the plug with a resistor to fool the BFM into thinking the DRLs are still in the circuit?