My drivers door handle cable has snapped near the handle end.
I’ve managed to source a replacement cable on Ebay.
My electiic window still works so I can at least still get
out of the car !)
On inspection with the door skinpanel removed it looks like
I will have to remove the whole door catch to attach the
other end of the replacement cable as it attaches behind the
lock as you look form inside the car.
So the catch/lock seems to be held on by three torx screws.
Can I just remove these, unclip the remote wire connector,
and slide the whole assembly through the hole in the door skin ?
Are there any hidden perils I should know about before I
***r my door latch up ?

Many Thanks
1995 X300 3.2
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hi andy,

Just completed this job last week. you can leave the door latch in
situ, making it a much easier job. You can reach reach inside
latch, but you have to work blind. in easence you have 2 slots one
to attach outer cable the other. for the inner cable.

Bruce Xj6 L 1996, Daimler Super 8 1998
Dorset, United Kingdom
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An old thread but I have questions regarding changing the cable only on these door handles.

About 18 months ago I replaced the driver’s side on my wife’s 97 X300. I used one of the aftermarket full assemblies from one of our trusted suppliers. The handle is non functioning again due to the cheap plastic retaining swivel at the handle end. When the handle is pulled to about 33 degrees the lock pops up but when the handle is pulled to 45 degrees to open the door the cable end (“L”) pops out of the plastic retaining swivel piece at the handle. There’s no indication of an issue at the latch end putting extra strain on the assembly.

Looking at my original handle it is better constructed at the handle end. I guess someone saved .000005 cents by constructing a cheaper plastic swivel retaining piece.

So ------ for those that have purchased a replacement cable (available from one of our trusted suppliers):
a. How do you remove the retaining hex crimped “nut” at the handle end? And can it be re-used?
b. Is the other end retainer metal or plastic?
c. Does this cable hold up?

It’s interesting that they sell a lot of these but can provide no guidance on how they fit.

P.S. I am looking at whether I can just fix the handle end of course.