[x300] Engine Control Unit

The Check Engine line from the ECU on my 1997 X300, which won’t
start is sitting at 6v. The ‘‘Park/Neutral’’ input to the ECU and
body processor also gets pulled to 6v when the ECU is connected (it
switched between 12v and 0.6v as expected if just the body
processor is connected.

I am starting to think that this means that ECU has failed and that
is why the car won’t start.

Has anyone else measured the ECU outputs?

Should they be either 12v approx or 6v approx (apart from those
carrying data communications with other processors)?

Steve Jarvis
97 3.2 X300–
Steve Jarvis
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In reply to a message from Steve Jarvis sent Sat 6 Aug 2005:

The ECU should produce 12 v output. The reason it wasn’t turns out
to be a high resistance connection between the fuse box and the ECU
relay, behind the right headlamp.–
Steve Jarvis
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