[x300] " Factory" method for rear shock replacement

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Hi Steve.
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Jaguar Factory service info has a strange method of tethering the
springs to the top spring hat and using spring compressors to
shorten the assy and then remove. I just detatch the calipers,
remove all the fasteners at the middle and rear of the lower
subframe plate, pry down on the plate at the rear and jam a large
socket or spacer of some sort and get a 4 to 6 foot prybar and pry
down on the lower control arm. The spring and damper will now
almost fall out. When the labor time guide is saying several hours,
you can’t take several days and still make a living. You learn more
efficient ways to do a job. (Jaguar Warranty labor time is REALLY
unrealistic, but that is all they pay!!) bob–
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What is the ‘‘factory’’ rear shock replacement method that I
have seen mentioned in several listings? Can someone please
describe it and is it easier than the A-frame removal method
that I have seen documented?

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Having just completed this chore, I discovered the very best way is to
remove the lower mounts that protrude from the lower edge of the rear
doors. Then with the entire assembly supported by a floor jack, remove
the bolts at the four mounting points. This allows the entire rear end
assembly to drop far enough to remove BOTH sets of springs and shocks
at the same time. Bolt in the new shocks/spring plates and raise the
entire assembly back into place. Properly position the springs, tie in
the new shocks at the lower mounting points and reinsert the four

This procedure cut the installation time to a bit over 2 hours.

Hope this is of help to the next poor soul accursed with this

Earl Kiker
96 VDP “His”
97 VDP “Hers”