[x300] Flickering lights

I have noticed that my parking lights flicker quite noticeably onto
the front wall of my garage when pulling in. I cannot see a flicker
if I stand in front of the car. The flicker does not appear to
happen with the main beams on - high or low.

Is this a sign of coming relay failure or is there something I
should clean / tighten?

Thanks in advance.


00 Daimler V8
84 SIII Sovereign–
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In reply to a message from PGS sent Tue 25 Oct 2005:

I think we have a communications problem. If you only see
flickering in a reflection but not when looking directly at the
light, there is a phenomenon occuring. This means that except for
looking at reflections, all is well, anyone seeing your car with
the parking lights on will see no problem. Just close your eyes
when pulling in the gargage with the parking lights on.–
Brian Caro 96XJ6 4.0 63E-TypeS1FHC
Newport News, VA, United States
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