X300 Fuel Pressure Test Kit Fittings

Can anyone provide an update on what parts I need? The original links in the following posts no longer work.
Old post on fuel test kit
Primarily are the threads on the X300 lines the same as on the XJ40 lines? If so can I replicate what Bryan N did Here

After some research it appears that the fuel rail on the X300 (4.0) and the XJ40 (4.0) are the same - EBC3679. So a test kit should fit both cars. Hydradyne appears to have what I need so I am off in the morning to see if I can build a test kit.

I have had for many years a permanent fuel pressure gauge incorporated in the rubber hose up to the injector rail. It provides an immediate point of reference when engine problems arise.
I have attached details. The fitment to the rubber fuel hose has not provided any problems & if done correctly will be leak/trouble free.

John Herbert
(1996 XJR)
Fuel pressure gauge fitment.pdf (50.8 KB)

John - I’ve considered that but as I want to use a kit on both X300 and XJ40 and potentially XJS (with other fittings) I decided to go with a non permanent install.

I’m back from Hydradyne. I have 2 pieces (swivel nut run tee & coupling) rather than 1 to join the gauge to the connector, because the part I needed was not in stock. It ran up the price somewhat. So as long as the thread on the fuel rail connector is indeed M14 x 1.5mm (per BryanN) I should be good to go. Will be tomorrow.