[x300] have arrived in DallaCross country Trip

We have arrived in Dallas Texas. (650 miles) JozJag got 24.9 MPG
at an average of 68.0 miles per.tools I think that is about
average for my car considering it is loaded with luggage,tools
(just in case ) and a big ice cooler.

I have not taken any pictures to share with ‘‘yah all’’ due to the
fact that thar aint nutin to see but oil well pump jacks and cows.
I took a temp reading of the tires after 6 hours of driving on hot
asphalt. 107 degrees… I think that is OK.

I want to thank J Watson for recommending Bobs Steak and Chop
House for dinner. It was Great. Thank you.–
Albuquerque,New Mexico, United States
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In reply to a message from JozJag sent Sat 29 Sep 2007:

WOW! Even took the tire temp!?!? Now that’s dedication.

Glad you had a good trip. Your mpg’s are similar to what I
find when I get on the interstate. Now, when I average
17mph over a whole tank puttering around in Dallas traffic,
my mgp’s are SIGNIFICANTLY lower, sometimes as low as
14.5-15 mpg.

Thanks for the info though. With this international crowd,
sometimes it’s hard for me to figure out what kind of fuel
economy people are really getting. Nice to see it in good
old fashioned U.S. mpg’s so that I don’t have to do any math.–
'96, XJ6, VP, 4.0, 113,000 miles and counting.
Dallas, Texas, United States
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