[x300] HELP! 97 XJ Wont start after alarm!

Hi All.

We just purchased a 97 V.P.

The alarm went off this evening and now it wont start, we have
tried locking and un locking (we only have a key no fob) but this
does not help.

We are missing the security booklet so have no idea how to
operate the alam system.

Thanks… T & J–
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In reply to a message from bovjag sent Tue 7 Sep 2010:

I had this once on my 95 Sport, it was nothing to do with the
alarm, it was the ‘solanoid’, or whatever it is called on the gear
shift!!!,…try ‘touching’ the gear shift, or maybe even applying a
little pressure as if to change gear as you are turning the key!!!–
3.2 Sport BRG
Lancashire, United Kingdom
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