[x300] Hit kerb a glancing blow. Now steering wheel is off horizontal

Hit kerb a soft glancing blow at 20 mph with passnger side front
wheel and weight of 3 of us in the car. Driven 150 miles since- no
Since this minor knockl have noticed steering wheel is slightly off
level/180 by a few degrees. No visible damage to tyre or marks on
it. Guess I need tracking done, local garage charges �30 and uses
the traditional mirror system. They say if any slight bend in
steering rod it can be made straight and true with adjustment at
steering rack

Are there any tricks or X300 specific techniques to apply?–
Ant XJR6
Kent, United Kingdom
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In reply to a message from Ant XJR sent Tue 24 May 2011:

Yes the car can be retracked to put it back into the correct
position, I would check the arms first along with the rack mounts
to ensure no real damage has been done, also check the wishbone
bushes and wheel bearings while your there, it is said that have
the tracking set to the maximum toe in + 1mm to avoid tram lining,
if you do a search on the forum there may be other posts to help
Mick Gannon Daimler 4.0 1991 XJ40, D Six 1996 X300 England
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