X300 lighter short

(Peter Crespin) #1

A small coin fell into the ashtray cigar lighter and presumably shorted it because it no longer charges the phone. Couldn’t find a dud fuse, so if anyone has an idea before I take the console to bits?

(Andy) #2

look in the owners manual.

fuse probably in the heel board

(Rodney ) #3

The fuse for the cigar lighter is shared by mirrors and heated rear window amongst other things and it is in the RH heelboard and is fuse F14 (10 amp)

(Peter Crespin) #4

Checked the handbook mention of fuses before posting, of course. They seemed good, hence mention of not finding a dud. The relays are not described by number or shown by position, just identified by color - which is of limited use when there are five of them, all blue…


(Mr Gary Billing) #5

had the same issue on my 97 the fuse board behind the n/s passenger front seat (uk) heel board, found a fuse blown check with a continuety probe either side of the fuses, my guess you will find on gone, from what i can remember f14

(Peter Crespin) #6

Thanks Gary. . I tried other side but will check.