[x300] Many thanks to the forum! (X308 start/overfueling)

My 98 VDP wouldn’t start this morning, cranked OK but
wouldn’t catch. I cranked it several times, for several
seconds each time with no luck. After the last time there
was significant white smoke from the passenger side
tailpipe. I was dreading a Nikasil or Chain Tensioner issue,
but after a little research on this forum I found
suggestions to crank the engine for a few seconds with the
accelerator pedal floored. Success! And the cause? I had
started it a couple of days earlier and run it for only a
few seconds, just long enough to move it to the side of the
driveway. Not a good idea! I’ll leave detailed explanations
to others, but many thanks again to the dedicated and
knowledgable posters here.

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