[x300] MOT passed and a probable reason for the appalling stumble!

She finally passed on retest and they somehow ignored the
horrible stumble that means I’m having to keep foot on pedal

Lurking on another x300 forum I found this:


with the pertinent bit being ‘‘Due to the fact that I had run
the tank almost dry greatly increased the chance of swirl in
the bottom of the tank and that in turn has probably sucked
all the tank bottom muck into the fuel filter the pipes and
the injectors, thereby restricting the flow rate’’

This is confirmed by the one thing the mechanic was able to
tell me - little particles of cr@p in fuel in fuel rail.

So it’s off to a competent mechanic to get fixed as soon as
I manage to get the bank to cough up some cash as it’s been
a very expensive car month so far.

The other poster’s diagnosis / repair was ‘‘Fuel Starvation,
dirty air filter, replaced, dirty fuel filter, replaced,
problem still exists, tested fuel pressure, low, removed
fuel tank, removed pump, cleaned pump filters, reassembled,
fuel pressure now ok, road test ok.’’

Anyone have any idea how major a job this is going to be to
deal with the gunk?


1995 XJ6 (X300), 104500 miles
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