[x300] nikasil problem and warranties


I’m interested in buying a 98/99 XJR and I understand the Nikasil
problem. I will not be buying from a Jaguar dealer, and the none-
Jag dealers assure me that the 100,000 mile engine warranty is
irrespective of where the car is serviced.

I thought the warranty only worked if the car was jaguar serviced -
anybody any ideas?

I’m in the UK btw.


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In reply to a message from shauny sent Tue 8 Apr 2003:

I think your information is correct, and Jag will honour the
warranty in UK, provided the car has been serviced in accordance
with the schedule, and not necessarily by a Jag main dealer. It
would be nice to have that ‘‘assurance’’ in writing though.–
scuddriver XJ8 4.0 2000
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