X300 non start without gear shift wiggle

Probably been covered loads of times but limited real help out on the net
My 1996 X300 Sport has developed an issue with starting but resolved when pushing the J- stick harder and believe it’s the sensor going out of alignment
So if it’s the case anyone have a step by step or you tube clip I can follow before taking it to a garage for a huge bill or saying it’s a write off


Welcome to the forums, the micro switch goes out of alignment under the shifter console, remove the ski slope and you will find the switch.

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And, IIRC, there should be under the ski slope something akin to a plastic “key” that is provided so that it can be inserted into something in that vicinity in order to bypass a defective (e.g. out of alignment) neutral safety switch (relay) until the N.S.S. is replaced/adjusted/fixed. :+1: I think the owner’s manual (driver’s guide?) describes it and how to use it. ?

I’ll begin with my Foggy Memory Disclosure.

The neutral safety switch is incorporated into the linear switch at the gearshift assembly. It’s a box-like switch that can be adjusted fore-aft


Incorporated into the rotary switch mounted on the side of the transmission is adjusted by rotating it slightly.

The linear switch was used on the 3.2, 6.0, and 4.0 supercharged cars. The rotary switch was used on the 4.0 normally aspirated cars. I think.

Someone with a better memory will come along.

My '95 had the linear switch and with the gear shift in “P” you’d move it the switch slightly until the “P” glowed red. That’s when you knew the adjustment was correct.

This illustration shows the linear switch, item #29

This illustration shows the rotary switch, item V12-Engine

(The references to 6-speed transmission are erroneous. Ignore them. Some sort of glitch)

Paul, I think you are referring to the release for the shift lock solenoid… to be used if your gearlever is stuck in “P”. Not related to the neutral safety switch.


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You could be right on that, DoubleD . :blush: I’m thinking then it is used to bypass the system whenever, with the brake pedal pushed, the selector level will still not come out of “P” (i.e. b/c the shift lock solenoid won’t energize). ? :confused:

That’s correct Paul a failsafe that has been needed a few time on my car when the fuse blew that controlled the CC and fouled up the interlock.