X300 Parasitic Battery Drain - Body Control Module

Drain appears to be 170 Ma. When I pull the BCM fuse it drops to 53 Ma which appears to be more “normal”. I have fitted a battery disconnect switch while I attempt to locate/fix the issue. I’m aware from previous threads that this can be tricky. There is some recent behavior that may shed some light on the root cause.

  1. The door locking system has been failing intermittently. I did put new batteries in my key fob about 6 months ago and had to replace them today. The doors opened/closed when I was close to the car but failed after a few cycles.
  2. The rear passenger door lock (US) does not open/close correctly - even when manually pushed it will not lock now.
    The fuse is out of the trunk for testing and I cannot see any other lights on.