[x300] Passanger side airbag removal X300 1995 (pre Glovebox)

Hi! As you all know Jaguar don�t remove any airbags, but me and my
wife wanted the little one beside us when driving,so I talked to a
Ford technician, and he tould me it could be done bye replace the
airbag whit a 3,5 Ohm resistor, so I started to removing the lower
parts on the passanger side, but still I couldn�t see the airbag,
then I removed the dash wooden trim and there it was! I remowed the
four boults that hold the airbag, then I removed the ground from
the battery, unplugged the airbag and gentley removed the airbag,
then I cut away the plugg in the car and solder the 3,5 Ohm
resistor to the cables and isolated it whit Heat Shrink Tubing,
connected the battery and started the car, and the airbag
warninglight didn�t light up, success! so now the little one can
ride in the front, and the airbag is placed hi upp in my garage.
Regards Conny–
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