[x300] radiator top pipe - corrosion - cheap fix?

hello lads,

yesterday the top radiator hose popped off my car because there is
no lip left on the pipe outlet due to corrosion. the rest of the
radiator is fine. just wondering if anyone has had any experience
in putting a copper sleeve on the outlet with the radiator in situ.
don’t have time to remove it and don’t want to pay a workshop to
take the whole thing out.


john salter
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In reply to a message from john salter sent Sun 20 Jul 2008:

If you have corrosion this bad, the radiator may not be all the
problem. I would look further before you get a surprise. You will
need to raise an edge on what’s left of the inlet tube to increase
teh diametr so the hose vcannot slip. You might try a tailpipe
expander right at the end of the tube after you dress it even and
Brian Caro 96XJ6 4.0 63E-TypeS1FHC 05 XJ8 4.2
Newport News, VA, United States
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