[x300] Radio staying on with ignition off

I think I’ve narrowed down what the car (95 X300) is doing when it
shouldn’t be doing things - radio stays on, seat still adjustable
up and down and mirrors adjustable, all with ignition off

Am I correct in thinking it should not do any of these things?
(Incidentally, windows don’t work with ignition off)

I’m guessing from the circuit diagrams it’s a stuck ignition relay
under one of the rear passenger heel boards, but unsure which one -
would anyone confirm my suspicion and advise? Any other
possiblities or suggestions?

Many thanks

1995 XJ6 (X300), 104500 miles
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In reply to a message from chris67 sent Wed 2 Nov 2011:

I was wondering about a stuck relay too.

You could try hitting the relays with a screwdriver handle and see
if the radio goes off!–
UK. XJR 2001 Pacific Blue
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