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Yes, your Holden Monaro (a.k.a GTO) is replacing our Camaro and Firebird –
two cars that were great for going fast in a straight line but good for
little else. I hope the new car is a better all around performer. If only
the other car companies could build their cars as nice as Jaguar has in the
past. GM’s best styled car continues to be the Corvette; and the worst is
undoubtedly the Aztec.----- Original Message -----
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That will also mean that the trans will be shipped out to South Africa for
the production there and possibly Korea, but all the gears (cogs and
and planetary stuff still comes from ZF as they are the only manufacturers
of that in Germany). I don’t know whether the MAlaysia factory is still
producing Merc models, my contacts are out of touch. Interesting times.

YOu should be getting a two door coupe from Pontiac (made by GM
Australia -
nee Holden) soon although the engine will be bigger than the V8 we use
Also the plastics will be to cold weahter specs rather than the hot
specs for here. I gather the front of the car has been restyled
somewhat -
much to the disgust of the local GM designer)


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I believe that the XJR transmission in the 1998+ models is an exception,
Bill. The W5A580 transmission is built in the Mercedes Benz Hedelfingen
plant just outside Stuttgart. In 2004, it will also be manufactured in
Kokomo, Indiana, USA. You can read more about this transmission and its
future at:



2001 XJR

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In reply to a message from Pascal Gademer sent Sun 8 Dec 2002:

All XJ Jaguars from the XJ40 model onward have and still use (in
automatic form) ZF transmissions made by ZF Friedrichshafen AG
(Zeppelin Foundation) the same company which made and still makes
Airships all types of gear products and other suspension and space
related products. The Jaguars including the s and x-types include
depending on model the zf 4hp or 5hp or 6hp series models of auto

Mercedes (Daimler-chrysler), BMW, Bentley, RR and some others also
use exactly the same trans. Gear ratios and software are modified
to suit the specifications for each vehicle type.


The XJR manual trans (if you can get one outside the UK use Getrag
6 speed manual trans.

Bill Hatossy

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