X300 rear anti roll bar

I am currently waiting for the fourth set of springs to arrive and hope to get the hight right this time.
While I am at it, I thought about installing a rear anti roll bar. To my surprise I didn’t find any mounting points:

Apparently it should look something like shown here:

Why are the mounting points missing on my car? What can I do?

You’ll need to install the “wishbone tie” that has the mounting points. I think the part number is MNA2855AD but I think there has been some confusion on this part in the past, so don’t take mine as the final word.

others will chime in


This is what I had to do when I replaced the diff on my XJR
The unit I purchased was from a bog standard X308 so I had to fabricate the mounting bracket on the diff head.
I had a few of the plates shown so I cut them up and welded them together.
Replacement as purchased

Scrap steel that I picked up from the side of the road when foraging for fire wood :slight_smile:

XJR bracket

Robin’s Bracket;

Interesting idea, I was a bit reluctant to actually remove the wishbone tie, but adding a bracket seems like a good idea. I assume that goes all the way accross to the other side, right?

On my car I have two individual struts bolted to the wishbone tie, what is that interesting looking construction that connects thoses two struts? Have you made that yourself? Why is it not symetrical?


Have you got the dimensions? All I really need is where the mounting holes for the anti roll bar mounts are located in relation to the holes for the struts that the bracket mounts to.


Hi Harold, no the cross brace is the later model and yes the bracket is symmetrical and goes across the diff.

Does the cross brace have any advantages over the x300 struts? Can you notice a difference driving the car?

Probably if you are driving to the limit :slight_smile: I believe it does tighten up the handling and of course the ARB would help a lot there as well.

Yes, the ARB is what I am really after (and will fabricate a bracket like yours to be able to install it). I was just wondering if it is worth upgrading from the two individual struts to the x308 cross brace as well.