X300 Rear ride hight

My 3.2l XJ6 had the self leveling ride suspension on the rear. The dampers needed replacing and I went with standard Bilstein dampers. Assuming that the original springs would be to soft (the car sat a little low) as they get supported by the pressurised self leveling dampers, I bought new rear springs. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Fahrwerksfeder-NEU-LESJÖFORS-4241407-Hinterachse/282986968245?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
Unfortunately now the car sits way to high

I need to measure it exactly, but I’d say it’s about two inches two high.
With about 120kg evenly distributed in the boot it looks about right.
Now, I don’t want to keep replacing springs, so I would like to get it right next time. So I am wondering how to measure and compare springs correctly.

  1. I would guesstimate each spring gets compressed by about 5000N of force.
  2. I would guesstimate the spring needs to be 1 inch shorter under load to get the car 2 inches lower .
  3. If those assumptions are correct I would measure spring rate and unloaded length of the two springs I have and find something that will be in between

Any thoughts on this? Especially about my guesstimating…


I’d start here and try to source an OEM part:


It’s a good move to replace the springs when doing the shocks as I found by not doing so!

Harald, Its important what year you have…
I had every year x300 from 95 to 97 new and used.
In mid 1995 the XJ6 Under a bulletin were changing rear springs and shocks because they felt they were TOO SOFT and sagged after more mileage.
96 and 97 went to the new spring BUT A long wheel base and XJR had a different set up.
I see the chrome grill and its not a VDP So is is a 95? It looks short wheelbase in this picture ?
But if its 96 and long wheel base it different.
Good luck, call Jaguar and look up the update records.
I dont know where you are but weare in shut down till at least June.
Stay safe

Thanks guys,

It is a June 1996 short wheel base XJ6 (base model) manual. It did have the self leveling (big diameter) dampers:

I replaced these with green Bilstein dampers and assumed the car would suit too low with the original springs, because those are specifically for the self leveling dampers.
I am in Germany and our lockdown is not as bad as yours in New York. Car sales offices are closed, but the garages are open. I mostly work from home but occasionally drive to work when I need to use the lab. The children have been at home for 6 weeks now.

Hope the situation in New York and in deed the rest of the US improves soon.


You as well my friend
Stay safe stay home…
Good luck!

Hi, i would fill it with fuel, put some weight in the trunk/boot, have three people in the rear and take it for a drive on the open road, maybe with the combination of all this weight the springs will compress and settle lower. Ive just bought new standard height rear springs for my xj40 and shock absorbers, you have to specify standard height, as lowered and raised are available.

Nice car Gordon, NZ new I see :slight_smile:

Thanks Robin, Daimler was first purchased in Dunedin, im the fourth owner, i was happy to pay 5k only 147000 on the clock, bought in Nelson, drove it direct to Auckland no problems, i had to experience the Jag experience, love it.

Yes I enjoyed my time with my XJ40’s a 2.9 and then the 4.0 which I sold after I purchased my XJR, purchased a ‘40 for $700.00 in Auckland and fixed it up then drove it to Invercargill on a Bangers to Bluff charity run.