[x300] Remove and replace rear bumper chrome x350

Can anyone tell me how to remove and replace the strip of
chrome on the rear bumper of an x350
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In reply to a message from oldmanscar sent Wed 17 Jul 2013:

Assuming that it is the same as the x300, you have to first remove
the actual bumper. Two large (19mm I think) bolts hold it in place.
These are accessed from underneath, recessed, just alongside the
exhaust tail pipes. The biggest problem is that the actual mounts
are made from an alloy, which reacts with the metal in the bolts
and causes them to sometimes disintegrate! So, go gently, working
the bolts back and forth, slowly, helping to free them by degrees.

Once the bolts are out, the bumper slides back and away from the
car, only being held in place along the sides on some large plastic
guides/runners. No harm to have an extra pair of hands here, or at
least have a protective sheet on the ground to protect the bumper
as it drops. It’s not so much heavy as awkward!

Once removed you will see that the chrome strip is held in place
with small cross headed screws along the rear (inner) side and it
clips over small metal clips along the front. To remove the chrome,
you will have to remove the curved section at one end, as the long
strip sits beneath these corner sections. You may well need some
new screws for reassembly, and you should also cover the alloy
mounting bracket in grease, especially down through the centre,
where the mounting bolt goes, just for future ease of dismantling.

Assembly is the reverse, but clean off all the crud that will have
accumulated on the side runners/supports first and ensure that the
bumper is properly seated.

Hope this helps.–
Kerry, Ireland
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