[x300] Removing starter motor

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That is the reason I didn’t change mine !

The oil filter and housing is well forward of the starter
motor bolt in question so presence or otherwise shouldn’t
affect getting this bolt out.

Best wishes from Jim Butterworth

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The original message included these comments:

Watched an X300 starter motor top bolt removal this week. First the
gearbox frame bolts to chassis were removed, to allow gearbox frame
to drop a few inches but supported whilst car on ramp. This allowed
just enough space to see top bolt with torch and unbolt with
articulated spanner. Took 15 mins in hands of good mechanic to get
starter motor off. Oil filter and oil filter housing was off
already but dont know if this relevant.

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Resurrecting this thread as it looks like my X300 is giving me a little more pain (after diff/prop). Starter motor is “growling” a little after starting car, which tells me it’s on its way out.

I’ve looked at 3 sources:

  1. Haynes XJ40 Manual – which says
    a. Drain tranny fluid
    b. Remove filler tube
    c. Support tranny and remove rear transmission mount (XJ40 is different mount to AJ16).
    d. Lower transmission

  2. Jaguar XJ40 CD: Seems like gobbledeegook. Talks about removing suspension bolts

  3. Jaguar X300 CD – no mention on starter motor replacement. But it does cover transmission mount change and shows the wide bracket installed on the X300 versus the XJ40 Setup.

I’m wondering if removing the rear engine/transmission mount will allow the transmission to be slightly lowered providing access to the upper bolt in the same way the bracket on the AJ6 had to be loosened per Bryan’s post.

I’m aware of the need to stack extensions/wobblers etc.

I’ll have it on the lift this weekend to change the transmission mount so I need to take a good look.


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Progressing. I can actually get my left hand over the starter motor and fingers on the upper screw, and then feed the array of extensions with a 13mm socket onto the nut. Starter will arrive later this week and I will remove. Getting the screw back in is likely to be the fun part.


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A bit late following up but I was able to change out the starter motor from below with sockets. I have a low rise lift - I suspect this would be really awkward on stands. I did drain the tranny as it needed a change and loosened the fill pipe to allow more room for my left hand to get over the starter motor, but it could be done without doing that. I did not drop the transmission mount etc.

My hand is decent size but I do not have fat palms. I do have decent length fingers. If you have fat palms and stubby fingers I think this would not work.

I was able to:

  1. Get my left hand up and over the starter motor and onto the bolt, which you can see from the right hand side of the car at the very rear of the engine bay.
  2. Use a 13mm impact swivel then a 1/2" wobble extension and then an 18" straight extension - all 3/8". Then a 3/8"-1/2" adapter and an 18" breaker bar.

Awkward to say the least. When the bolt gave way I had applied a LOT of torque and I thought the socket had jumped off the bolt head.

To replace I did a dry run, tightened the lower bolt somewhat to align the starter motor, and was able to insert the approx. 4" bolt in from the top with my left hand. The I applied medium Loctite and re-tightened.

I have attached some pictures.

Quiet :grinning: