[x300] Solar Sensor removal and replacement

The 2000 VDP I recently purchased is missing the plastic cover that
covers the solar sensor (feeds sunlight info to A/C Control Module)
in the top of the dash. On bright sunny days the A/C seems to work
overtime—gets much colder than the setting (temperature) for
automatic control should produce. So I suspect that thet cover is a
necessary component for proper operation, versus merely using
higher temperature settings on sunny days. Couldn’t get the cover
alone, so purchased a replacement sensor assembly. Was curious as
to how to remove the old sensor. Would appear that the center
windshiled vent must be removed and that would provide access, from
bottom side of vent assembly, to the spring clips that hold the
sensor in place in the vent. Before I break anything I thought I
would seek assistance and guidance from the ‘‘masters’’ that reside
on this forum.

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips–
jimd 95 XJS 6.0L & 2000 VDP
enterprise, AL, United States
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