[x300] Stability control failure warning light

Yesterday, when using my 35,000 mile '99 3.2 litre XJ8 for the
first time in about six weeks, I suddenly noticed that the ABS
warning light was on, and that a warning message ‘‘Stability control
failure’’ (or something similar) was showing. The car was driving
normally. After stopping, and restarting the engine, both warnings
disappeared and have not recurred for the 50 or 60 miles since. The
only slightly weird thing is that, yesterday evening, on braking
hard when pulling-off the motorway in dry weather into a service
station, the car seemed to wiggle from side to side rather
alarmingly, almost as if I was on a muddy surface- something that I
have never experienced before. It might just have been my
imagination - stimulated by the earlier occurrence of the warning
message - but I don’t think so. It’s been OK for the 10 miles or so
that I’ve driven this morning.
Any ideas what’s up?–
Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom
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