X300 Torque Converter Removal

Hi, I am changing the auto gearbox for a manual one. So far I have removed the gearbox, including removing the bolts holding the torque converter to the flywheel. Problem is the torque converter did not come off with the gearbox. There is nothing securing it to the flywheel that I can see. It appears to be stuck in the centre. Could this just be a rubber bush that has gone hard? Suggestions please.

Got this posted on the net around 2014 relating to XJ’s:
steps include

  1. Disconnect battery ground cable and remove transmission dipstick.
  2. Remove bolt securing dipstick upper tube, then remove upper tube.
  3. Position fender supports to allow installation of engine support tool, then attach engine support tool No. MS53B or equivalent, to engine lift brackets. Tighten tool hook to support engine weight.
  4. Disconnect intermediate exhaust pipesand heat shields, then disconnect exhaust pipes from exhaust manifold.
  5. Remove front and rear heat shields and rear support center nut.
  6. Remove spacer, then using a jack, support rear mounting plate.
  7. Remove bolts securing rear mount, then remove rear spacers. Lower jack and remove rear mount.
  8. With rear of transmission supported with jack, remove crossmember.
  9. Disconnect driveshaft from transmission and position aside.
  10. Disconnect speedometer cable from transmission, then disconnect shift linkage.
  11. Disconnect kickdown switch electrical connector and remove bolt securing switch wiring clip from transmission.
  12. Disconnect modulator vacuum line, then remove clamp securing modulator and the modulator. Some fluid will drain from modulator housing when modulator is removed.
  13. Disconnect oil cooler lines from transmission, then remove bolt securing oil line clamp to engine sump.
  14. Remove torque converter access cover. Remove bolts attaching converter to driveplate.
  15. Remove right side steering rack bellowsheat shield, then remove right side catalyst from exhaust manifold, if equipped.
  16. Remove engine to transmission attaching bolts except two lower left side bolts and lower starter attaching bolt.
  17. Remove lower dipstick tube. Attach transmission jack to transmission and remove remaining engine to transmission bolts. Lower transmission and remove from below vehicle. Use caution not to damage right side catalytic converter when removing transmission.
  18. Reverse procedure to install. Tighten to specifications.


Yes I have followed the procedure, but the torque converter should come away with the gearbox. It didn’t and is still on the back of the engine. I can’t shift it but there is nothing attaching it.

Problem solved with a bloody lot of pulling!!