[x300] Update on Fritz

Several weeks ago I posted check engine light issue code
Po400 I removed both the EGR valve and EGR sensor and
cleaned them, They were built up with quite a bit of carbon.
It’s been over 800 miles of both local and highway driving
and KNOCK WOOD. The light has not come back to haunt me.
Now car is going in for a new set of Bilstein front shocks
and both are leaking badly.
I read several different replacement procedures and want to
get the proper information. I have read that on my 1996
Vanden Plas w/o auto leveling that the shock is the only
thing holding the coil spring in place and this makes it
very difficult to change the shocks. I have also read that
it’s a quick and easy change. Can someone shed light on
this?? Thanks.–
1996 Vanden Plas Dubbed Fritz the Cat
Honesdale,Pa, United States
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In reply to a message from kitty plas sent Tue 19 Jun 2012:

The shock indeed sets the maximum extension limit for the spring.
Gravity still works, though, and if you are careful to jack up the
car by the strut member, you will be keeping the springs compressed
and you will be ok. I have done several X-308s since I worked on
my X-300 so I do not remember how much clearance you need to get
the shock out, nor do I remember if you can get it out the top or
not- I don’t think so.
Be careful when jacking the strut to get the load distributed with
a piece of wood or something, so you don’t bend the strut, nor,
(obviously!) let it slip off the jack.–
Ross - 89 XJS, 98 XJR, 99 XJR, 02 XJ8
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