X305, XJ12 in Portland

Passed a dark blue XJ12 (X305) with older Cultural Trust license plates sitting under the Barbur Blvd overpass in SW Portland near my house. A few blocks later passed an XJ6 heading roughly towards where I saw the XJ12. Turned around thinking maybe there was a secret meeting. The XJ12 was still there, but the driver looked to be on an important phone call.

Not many XJ12s, maybe this was @Bimbi or @IvanHall How many other XJ12s could be in Portland?

I was in my red XJS.

Mine is gold and haven’t drove it in a long long time. But man if that was sapphire blue mine is absolutely getting that colour.

I live very close to Consolidated Auto Works, so I think I see more Jaguars than one would normally by coincidence.

Had a ‘95 XJS in Sapphire (there is a second jaguar color called sapphire blue, she’s not the same). It was beautiful. I’m doing a 76 XJ12C with a Series 1 Daimler Double Six front end and it will be Sapphire!

LOL @ “secret meeting” … Don’t go starting some kind of conspiracy theory rumors going, JJ. :shushing_face: I can just see the headlines now, “Members of Secret Jaguar Drivers Society Plotting to Take Over the World” … :roll_eyes:

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My XJ12 is Jade Green. Unfortunately, PO had it resprayed and it wasn’t done very well. I’ll probably stick with the original color if I ever get around to painting it.