X305 XJ12 oil cooler return hose availability / alternative

My XJ12 has blown the oil hose going to the radiator. I have ordered a new one from jaguar classic parts.
The return hose doesn’t look too good either, so I’d like to replace it as well. Unfortunately I could not find a supplier that has it in stock. Part number is MNA7461BB. Does anyone know of a source?
Are both ends an industrie standard so I could have a hose made?


Hello Harold, While it is always better to replace an OEM part with another OEM part, you can simply replace the hose. Remove the hose with tubing and take it to an industrial hose repair shop and they will replace the hose for you.

Alternatively, I’ve done the following for both the inlet as well as outlet oil cooler hoses of my XJS (V12) and X305. This approach allows you to leave the hose in situ. Be aware that the crimped clamp is replaced with a hose clamp.

With a dremel tool (or similar) make two cuts 180 degrees apart on the hose clamp. Make the cuts parallel to the hose. Be careful not to cut into the aluminum tubing. Once the hose clamps are split, grab a pair of pliers and pry the clamp back and forth until the clamp falls out.
Carefully remove the old hose. You may have to use a knife to remove the hose. The old hoses tend to stick tenaciously to the aluminum tubing even after the crimp has been removed.
Take the hose to an auto parts store and tell the counter-person that the hose is for an oil cooler. Also ask for a pair of hose clamps for each hose.
Apply some anti-seize lubricant to the aluminum tubing. Slide the new hose over the tubing and clamp. Repeat for the other side and you are done. If you are having trouble sliding the hose over the tubing you can carefully heat the hose with a heat gun, just be careful, you don’t want to burn the hose. If you live in a warm climate as I do, place the hose on top of the car as you remove the old hose, it will be pliable by the time your done removing the old hose.

Best of luck!

So far I had no luck finding anyone who would be willing and able to crimp new hoses onto the piepe and coupling.
I will now probably try and modify the parts with screw fittings.
I’ll post pictures id it works.


G’day Harald,

I had the same problem with my XJ12 and I took the ruptured hose complete with the end fittings to a local hydraulics workshop and they re- hosed it for around $30.00.

Jeff Watson

1995 XJ12
2002 X Type

Hi Jeff,

I seem to live in the wrong country for that. No one dares to do the repair. They all worry the crimp will not last…

Take a look here, there seem to be Repairers in theUK at least:

Google: bespoke hydraulic hoses and repairs


This may also be of help:


Also try here:


See: OCI1830 Jaguar XJ12XJS V12 *

Good luck.