X308 1998 rear lower shock bush, rear wheel bearings, front lower wishbone ball joint

For many years I’ve had MOT advisories on the above for having slight play. They don’t seem to be getting worse so the MOT tester now doesn’t even put them down. However, mindful that they can’t last forever, before my MOT I’ve tried getting some prices for the work to be done. A couple of places have said they have to remove the rear shocks to replace the bushes, despite me saying I’m sure they can be done in-situ, and want to replace the whole shock. And then don’t get back to me with a price, so not sure whether they don’t want to do any of the work if needed. It’s more these bushes I’m interested in as I’m getting a slight knocking at the back and pretty sure it’s them. Can anyone confirm whether they can be done in-situ, and roughly how much that would be at a garage, whether the bushes are replaced, or how much replacement shock would cost. Would also be useful to know if anyone has had the other jobs done and roughly how much they were to. Again, with the wishbone ball joint I enquired a few years ago, and some garages said they would only replace the whole wishbone whereas others said they could replace just the ball joint! I’m in the UK. TIA

Give Matt a call at North Wales Jag Centre. He’s just overhauled the suspension on my X308 and I’d trust him to tell you the art of the possible.