X308 2001 4.0L Misfire

Hello Folks, My 91 4.0L X308 has a misfire more pronounced when cold. It takes a short while to pick up on acceleration when cold but when it warms up the misfire diminishes until barely discernible at full temp after which it runs almost as normal BUT under acceleration there’s a slight hesitation. Read fault codes P1384 VVT Solenoid; P1396 VVT solenoid P1647 02sensor which i had before when the car was running fine. I’ve checked the plugs and not getting any “reduced performance” flags so dont think its coils.
Wondered if anyone has had a similar problem that they’ve been able to cure? Would be grateful for any advice. Thanx in anticipation. Charlie.

As a non expert.

Has the oil been changed at the required interval and has the correct grade been used ?

Can you clarify what year the car is? X308 didn’t arrive until 1997

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I was not even going to TRY to figure this one out!

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Oil is A Ok. Its a 2001 car. Rgds.

Thanks changed the header for you. When you state the oil is ok that does not necessarily answer the question as to whether the oil changes have been regular.

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Tks. Dont want to bark up the wrong tree; its not the oil~wish it was…

The VVT (your fault codes) run by using oil pressure to make them move.

Certainly on other cars, if the oil way is clogged, or the wrong thickness oil used it can prevent them working.

It was a low cost thing to consider

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