X308 4.0L 1991 VVT solenoid voltage signal

Hello Folks,
I have fault codes P1384 and P1396 on 2001 4.0L XJ8 Have changed B bank (RHS while sitting in drivers seat) VVT solenoid but want to check the signal on the wiring plug. Wondered if anyone had done this in the recent past who could advise on what the signal voltage should be.
Thanx in anticipation. Charlie.

Hello Charlie - I know I am up in my years, but I think you playing with my (our) mind(s) - in the title you post “1991”, but in the body of your message, you post “2001” for the year of your car - as to respect of your question, I am waiting to see what others jump in and post - Tex.

Hi Charlie, I have moved your post to the more relevant forum, I appreciate the engines are shared but this is probably a little more active forum.

RH bank is the 'A’bank. (bank 1)

The electrical guide clearly states that the VVT has GROUND on one pin and B+ (12% duty cycle @ idle) on the other. The pinout is shown from the ECM to the VVT on each bank.

A duty cycle meter will be needed to measure correctly.

Please find and download the electrical guide before carrying out any work to the system.

The 2001 to 2003 X308 electrical guides are all the same (no changes from MY2001 to MY2003)

Ok many thanx. Rgds.

Apologies for the typo its deffo a 2001…Rgds.

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