X308; Door module replacement / central locking/windows control


A club member is having issues which we have contributed to the driver’s door control module.

None of the windows can be controlled from the driver’s door and although the central locking works, it does not lock/unlock the driver’s door, which cannot be locked unless he uses the key. This activates the central locking as it should.

He has replaced the door module with a second-hand one, to no avail. The module is marked “programmable unit” (or something to that effect). Does this unit have to be programmed, and how is this achieved?

I know there is a fuse behind the left-hand heel board, and have asked him to check this…

Any experience or ideas as to this issue, gentlemen?

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

Sometimes water gets into the drivers main switch and corrodes the prongs
If your telling me all the other windows work?
Replace an clean the 4 gang switch at the drivers door
Good luck

Ok, so the whole thing was caused by a blown fuse, namely fuse #15 (25A) in the Left hand Heel-board fuse box. We were just thrown off by the possible requirement to program the Control module…

Thanks anyway to the ones who wound up their brain-works to help with this!

Bard Thomas

Great news just make sure it didn’t blow because of water on the switch
Great job

There was actually a problem with the “old” module, so it was replaced with a second-hand one…

Hey, maybe the old module is actually OK, and it was the fuse all the time. Actually, this is more than likely the more I think about it…


Good to here!