X308 front clip ( body panels ) on a X350

Hello all , New member here and I’ve already learned not to post car related questions in the’ political , nonpolitical forum. . . .=-) As my topic as indicates putting an X308 Lyons front on a X350 possible as far as underpinnings and fender lines go ? The hood/bonnet obviously I want to stay with the forward hinges of course . I’m wondering if the tooling
Changed much for the frame etc. Any ideas would be appreciated , and thanks in advance .

The cars are COMPLETELY different. The X350 is more like the S-Type than the X308.
The bigger aluminum car has basically no interchangeable parts with the X308.

Just wondering what the reference to ‘lyons’ is in the post?

Thanks , was hoping otherwise .

The designer of the earlier body style .

My point is when do you think William Lyons input finished?