X308 fuel tank and wheel bearing questions

OK, I’ve owned this beast – 2003 VDP with 30k miles – for 3 whole days, driven it about 250 miles and …

  1. The trip computer shows 10.1 gallons or so gone, but the fuel gauge shows me with 3/8ths of a tank. Distance/mpg pretty much track specifications. I’m going to run it down until the low fuel light goes on and see how much fuel it really takes. I am thinking that either the fuel sender is screwed up or, heaven forbid, the tank is somewhat collapsed. Stay tuned, but any thoughts appreciated.

(OK, I think I figured this out: Everything I read in advance of purchase says the fuel capacity was something like 23.1 gallons. But I just read the owner’s manual and it pegs the capacity at something like 19.8, 2 gallons smaller than the X350 I was driving and 3 smaller than all the online literature I was looking at. It also says the low fuel light will come on with about 1.6 gallons or so left. This is pointing me to ignorance being my source of confusion!)

  1. A low frequency hum has popped up I did not hear on the 100m test drive! Typically it will start under acceleration while at highway speeds, then disappear when I back off the throttle. So far I cannot hear it on local roads maybe below 50mph or so. The sound is not unlike the rumble of the 5 liter engine exhaust in the XK series. I am thinking there’s a wayward wheel bearing that’s starting to get pissed off, much the same as I had on my '97 X300L. Difference being I had the X300L bearing replaced on a car with perhaps 130-140K at that point. This vehicle has 30K. Anyone have any thoughts?

Many thanks.


Universal joint i reckon.

grease the nipples incase they haven’t been done

Andy/Gordon: I had my mechanic lube the U-joints and any other fittings. At first I thought all was fine, but now the noise is back: faintly heard below 50. At that point, on acceleration, volume rises but frequency remains the same. Noise almost disappears when you come off the throttle.

Any other ideas?