X308 rain sense wiper

Hi.it no longer works. Any clues?
I’ve unplugged the sensor and plugged it back in, but no change.

No fault codes in bp

You’re in a drought zone?…

I find it somewhat annoying and risky. Annoying because it doesn’t often match my personal view of the required wipe interval, and ‘risky’ because in my state you’re supposed to use headlamps any time the wipers are operating.

Not that I lose sleep over either.

Since the sensor is basically a microphone, can you check it’s securely attached?

Though not perfect, I really did miss it yesterday when it was raining.

I did check it was firmly attached to the windscreen.

There is a control module somewhere (the jag tech info doesn’t say where!) but I’ll have to have a look behind the glovebox.

Fuse 2 in engine compartment

I guess you like the x350! as that turns the lights on for you when the wipers are on

I would go a step further - I hate rain sensors. They ferociuously wipe almost dry windshields, only to suddenly stop wiping in the middle of torrential downpours. My BMW 1999 e46 was particularly bad at this. Now my collegues in the automtive division hate me. I guess I told them a little too often what I think of their creation :slight_smile:
I must admit my 2018 Ford S-Max is a lot better, but I still would be much happier with a simple interval wiper.


What’s difficult about turning the function off?

@HarryE30 Wait 'til you get to drive anything with Lane Assist…

At the very least you’ll be reassured that we are light years away from being taken over by robots!

I guess you haven’t seen a Tesla self drive.

The difficulty is that you are missing the iterval wiper function, as that has been replaced by the rain sensor.

The ‘gel-pad’ gets cloudy and needs replacement from time-to-time’.

The AUTO can be changed with interval selection on the multi-function switch.


I don’t think its that thank you. But will double check.
Yes, I rotated it to use variable intermittant.

On the Rover 75, which basically has BMW electrics, they still fitted a variable wiper stalk. Changing the config options, should be enough to disable rain, and get variable back. So should apply to BMW of same vintage

I guess you haven’t seen a Tesla self drive.
It is unquestionably true that I haven’t seen one negotiate the Hangar Lane Gyratory System or Paris’ Arc De Triomphe roundabout.

I have, however, had the misfortune to drive a hired Mercedes S-Class in Scotland recently and it got pretty much everything wrong.

It’s not just the S-Class that mixes things up…

If you attempt the Hanger [sic] Lane intersection at a quarter the speed of Silverstone’s Hangar [sic] Straight you’d want ambulance GPS to get you to Casualty at the Middlesex asap…

Fuse is ok.

Well apparently the rain sense ecu is under the bonnet, under the engine ecu. Found it


So it is fuse 2 (not fuse10)

I get 0.7v when auto is selected from the switch. (38 according to bpm live value)

And around 5v for the longest delay

Well it is the sensor.
Has gone opaque

Just got to work out now, how to fit a used sensor!
gel pad LJD3850AA

Gel pad is about 27 to 28mm.

The genuine Jaguar 3M pad is very sticky one side, so much so it’s a struggle to peal off the red backing!

The brown was easy to peel off.

Looking at YouTube videos, some use syringe glue on the sensor.
Or should I use clear silicone, which is what the old one appeared to have?

…which failed. ???

It was actually the good used one which appeared to have silicon on it.

I’ve had a go with it today, but it doesn’t appear to be sticking