X308 Sunroof Panel Re-Install help

My sunroof interior panel had dropped down from the frame in the rear when in tilt. I pulled it out in the tilt mode cleaned up and reseated the metal spring clips on the panel but am having no success getting the panel to slide back into place. The front clips connect with the pins so the front portion is going in but I’m not getting the rest of the panel to seat properly. Brain Trust what’s the secret to get it installed correctly?

You’re just not holding your mouth right. (it’s a joke)
Here are some TSBs for the X300/X308 (they are the SAME sliding roof)

13-39 Sliding Roof – Diagnosis & Repair.pdf (121.4 KB)
501-26 Sliding Roof – Diagnosis & Repair.pdf (108.4 KB)

You probably don’t have the spring loaded arms in the correct place.
The rear clips on the panel fit into the pegs on the spring loaded arms.


My brow was furrowed for sure , it seems so simple but then I fail. Here’s what my springs look like. Does the wire loop ride up the spring arm?

Why are the parts NOT aligned???



Well that’s a good question indeed I wondered where that peg was supposed to end up… That’s a pretty serious air gap and on both sides too. So do you have a solution pegging problem :slight_smile:

Pull the lever down and put the peg IN THE HOLE!!!


It’s in the hole! the one side has popped out a couple times hoping it aligns itself before I put the panel back in. Thanks for the lowdown I knew I was missing something and that was it!

I have seen people insert a clip to keep the arm in place so the peg does not pop out of the hole.

DO NOT BEND THE ARM!!! It is a cast piece that WILL snap. (ask me how I know).
The way I used to keep the arm peg in the plastic part was to bend the FULCRUM PIN for the arm. (the part that the spring wraps around)

The pin is steel and will bend to align the arm so it will stay in the peg hole. I learned this in the mid to late 1990s when I worked at the Jaguar dealer and repaired dozens and dozens of sliding roofs.

It is easier to do all this with the sliding roof panel removed. (6 screws and roof panel can be lifted free of the car)


Mine is missing that rear panel piece, and it was the same way on Scrapper, my '96 XJ6 when I bought her. The problem with this part missing means that when it rains (or in the car wash) the water that leaks between the seals at the end of the sunroof drips down onto the back of our head/headrest instead of draining out through the drain hoses in the corners of the roof opening. I don’t know why Jag never seemed to get it right on their sliding roofs, as far as cheap parts not breaking. If it were possible, my next X-308 would NOT have a sliding roof at all. :angry:

Hi, Fast forward a couple years and I still haven’t replaced the headliner and reseated the sunroof panel. It’s on my list after front suspension and getting my 97 VDP on the road :slight_smile: I noticed the drivers side of the exterior roof panel has some vertical play vs. the passenger side, not much just enough to get a rattle times and it moves when I close the door. Would the spring in A lever in the diagram cause this issue… as in if it’s missing or broken would that cause the play or is it the panel in relation to the arm assembly it’s attached to??