X350 ‘06 VDP console/cup holder question

(Eliot Brenner) #1

My car has the optional rear seat heat/ac unit in it, so the cup holder is in the console cover, i.e. old style as opposed to a sliding cover over a real console storage area that reveals two recessed cup holders. The cup holder is failing. There’s no spring action to pop up the holder, and the lower left front area where it enters the front of the console lid/cover is loose.

I cannot find any screws to remove to extract the old, tired cup holder, though there are four little button-like points on the underside of the console lid. Admittedly, I have not tried to pry these off.

Two questions: 1: how do I remove the failing cup holder? And 2: where can I find the proper replacement cup holder? Am I doomed to trolling EBay to find an entire console from a breaker?

It’s not absolutely essential that I replace the holder now, as it will still function. It’s one of these “one of these days” I need to fix it things…

Observations appreciated, especially anything out of a shop manual on this issue.