X350 3.0L 2004 ABS Fault Warning

Hello Folks,
I have an ABS Fault flag and red light on X350 V6 2004. It was intermittent but is on permanently now. Suspect its a sensor. Is there any way to get a fault code displayed that would indicate which sensor without plugging in a diagnostic tool? Any help appreciated…

Short answer - No! You need to have the OBD2 codes read. Any good service garage should be able to do this for you.

Ok Thanx. Rgds.

Further on this could you advise where the OBD port is? Have had a good look but no joy as yet. Tks in anticipation.

Under the dash next to the steering column. On my RHD car it’s by my left knee.

Many thanx. I actually discovered it with a mirror and a torch before i got Yr msg. Plugged in but all i got was a P111. Think my code reader is’nt up to it. Intend to check out each ABS sensor pro rata and hopefully get a result.

Give them a good clean with brake cleaner and check the connecting plugs and sockets.

Totally agree with that as it worked on my XJ8 and XJS.

From reading here and other fora, I’d say it’s almost certainly going to be the RH rear sensor.

Ok thanx. Just about to check rear sensors~will advise. Rgds.

Checked rear sensors and noticed that the RH one had been worked on before and a washer had been installed for spacing purposes. Fitted a new sensor but not sure what the max/min gap is could anyone advise? Also think i need to invest in a fault code reader thats up to the job could anyone recommend based on experience? Thanx in anticipation. Rgds.

One I read consistently good reports about is the iCarSoft LR v30. It’s not cheap, though.

Cheaper from the EU supplier, though!

I have not found any budget code reader that will read the Jaguar specific codes - the only option seems to be the more expensive, professional ones.

Ok thanx for the replies. will check…

It did turn out to be the RH rear sensor. Got 2 from ebay for £22 changed out both rears and all Ok since. Just for interest i went to the Jag distributor Parts Dept and was quoted £159.24 for one sensor! What a mark up; one can see why dealer parts prices are claimed to be a contributory factor in the sharp rise in insurance premiums.