X350; Differential oil type and capacity

(Bard Th Hesvik) #1

Hi Guys,
A club member is asking about type and filling capasity for the differential on his X350 Super V8.

Can anyone help?

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

(Bard Th Hesvik) #2

Found it;

  • Syntrax Limed Slip 75W-140 CASTROL
  • GEAROIL 75W-140 LS 1 L MPM

Filling capasity: 1.25 litre

(Andy) #3

aren’t the diffs electric on them.

Is a different oil quoted for electric

(Bard Th Hesvik) #4

Don’t know actually… It is listed as a limited slip differential. Anyhow, I got the oil today and we are ready to put it in. We want to try to get rid of a small leakage by means of an Omega product that microscopically expands the rubber in the seal. I’ll let you know how it fares.


(Neil Bennett. Patron) #5

This may be of interest: