X350 Front Air Suspension Low

The front suspension is low on my 2006 X350 - this is the 1st Jag I’ve had with air suspension. Can anyone tell me the work required and the likely cost? Will it be need to be taken to a specialist or will a decent independent garage be able to repair it? Thanks for your help

Hi Mark,

The air shocks are pretty easy to do but you may need SDD software to recalibrate the new parts. I bought my new replacement shocks from China at US$250 a corner and so far it has been a year with no problems. For me it is worth a gamble as it is a lot cheaper than branded parts and order replacements need be. So far I have replaced full set on a X300 and a X358. Most of the suppliers near me get most of their parts from China so I might as well get it for myself

You can follow the video guides on Youtube on replacing the struts. Undo battery, undo strut connectors, 4 top bolts and the bottom bolt. Oh and remove the wheel of course.

my 2008 X358 XJ8 is sitting on the front suspension mounts… any way of trouble shooting so I know what the problems is before I start replacing componants??

Donald, have you had the fault codes read from the OBD port? That would be the quickest way to find out what’s wrong.

my OBD scanner is packed away… or should I say buried away because of my move, hate to have to buy an other one… From what I read on google, it’s gonna take a shop that can do the diagnostics…=$$$$
was just hoping for a miricle…Don

Hello Don,
Sorry I didnt read your post, I was too busy with my new toy, a Birkin Bentley Arnage.
When my problems started my OBD scanner stated my front shocks were at fault, changed them then the air compressor, changed that then the valve control box in the back! So I now have a relatively new system and so after after a couple of years problem free!
My friends X358 had similar issues and changed the shocks and air compressor, so far so good. It is an easy fix you can do on a weekend to save paying mechanics.