X350 mysterious AC fan behavior

My wife just returned from shopping to report that the AC in her 2004 X350 just stopped.

I went outside to investigate and turned on the car whereupon the AC blower started BRIEFLY and then stopped. The brief interlude was enough to indicate that the car was charged and would blow cold air if it blew at all.

This seeming intermittant things has never happened before to me nor have I ever heards of it.

f the brain trust has any ikling please let me know as Texas in the summer is not bearable without AC and this is SWMBO were talking about here.

Best, Brian

The climate control module will likely have faults logged.
You will need a dealer level diagnostic to read the codes but they are there.
or we can guess (let the guessing begin)


Could just be the fan relay. Swap it with another.

At least for today the AC seems to be fixed. How did it happen?
Well, after hours of searching the internet for diagrams and ideas of how to troubleshoot this problem I cam across a video.

This video - Jaguar X Type Air Con Fix After Battery Change - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgHrLaz2Asg is about the X-Type, but I figure what the hell, I’ll try it. I had no confidence it would work, but it was a Jaguar so perhaps they used the same protocols on my X350.

We will see, but for today, at least, reordering the AC doors seemed to have helped. The relay is still suspect and I have not stopped my research into it’s location and testing.


THANKS for the update! Yours is one of those “textbook” perfect posts! I have permanently put it in my x350 folder!


Just to confirm, today I just went on a small errand and used the X350 and the AC still worked!

Wonder of wonders. Miracle of miracles!

I’v e never been able to fix a potentially horrendous time consuming and expensive problem easier. If it wasn’t for the internet and folks like the one who made the video I referenced, I’d probably still be searching in vain for an answer.

The revelation of ‘secrets’ that are housed inside this Jaguar - any modern Jaguar - are precisely what would make owning one fo these a real pleasure instead of the sometimes real pain it is.

So, what other ‘secrets’ does anyone know about that fixes (or re-calibrates) Jaguar problems? Care to share them?

Alas, probably not.