X350 Super V8; Coolant temperature sensor

(Bard Th Hesvik) #1

Hi guys!

We are getting dodgy readings and alarms indicating too high coolant temperature. This is clearly due to a sensor fault, as the water is merely luke warm.

I have found references to two different sensors; AJ88655 and LNA1600AA, so firstly I need to figure out which one to replace.

Secondly, (or actually first thing) I have to find where the darned thing is on the engine. I have removed the top cover and looed around the water pump area as somebody said it’s right by the thermostat. Maybe it’s me, but I cannot see it anywhere…

Can someone please help with this?

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

(Andy) #2

Is it that black sensor seen here ?

(Bard Th Hesvik) #3

Excellent, Andy! Cheers for that!