X350 won't enter fob programming mide

X350 2005.
Remote fob not working and system won’t enter programming mode.
Auto electrician suspected driver’s door module.
Replaced that still won’t enter programming mode.
Car locks and unlocks on key.
Remote unit tested ok.
Only difference swapping module made was that previously when unlocking via key there was a chime until key wa6 put in ignition. Now there isn’t.
Not sure what the chime meant.


On previous cars the Chims was a count down until the alarm went off.

How are you trying to program. ?

Hi…doors closed. Pull stalk back to put main beam on. Turn key to position 1. Release stalk and then flash lights 4 times. … Nothing.

I’ve been told that the chimes occur if the vehicles doesn’t recognise it’s been opened via key?

Thinking it could be micro switches in door actuator.