X350 XJ8 2005 How to remove the rear seat

I have searched the back seat in question but I am unable to find a way to remove the seat from the car .Please help with at least a few clues!!

That is one of the things we learned in Jaguar training NP04.

Remove seat bottom and pull on the 2 straps at the bottom of the seat back.


And how do you remove the seat bottom I cannot remove it,It seems to have a white catch under seat on each side, but I cannot get either one to move .

I have finaly worked out how to remove the rear seats on this car.First the seat bottom. This is held by 4 catches, 2 at at each front corner, and the other 2 evenly spaced on the front edge. Because of the front lip on the seat these clips are very difficult to see. They have a white case, with a black triangular sprung lever on the top, which you must move to one side for it to release. .Once you got a release you must keep the seat from settling down again or it will reconnect with the catch.Once the 4 clips are release then the seat bottom can be lifted out. Now its possible to grab the 2 straps and release the seat back which will tilt forward, and then be free to lift out of the car.

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