XF 2.2 diesel engine shut down

Hi. I had the rather frightening experience of an engine shutdown on the motorway.
2014 XF 2.2 diesel sportbrake. 65,000kms and always serviced.Mainly long hot runs. For reasons to complicated to explain the last service was done by Ford. Oil, filter and air filter were the only things changed using Jaguar parts. I did have an engine check (yellow) light come on and battery light briefly. I had just driven 60km with no issues at all, everything working as normal. Stopped at lights, then joined the motorway as I accelerated away the dash started flashing and the engine shut down. Not limp home, complete shutdown. I could not restart the engine. Such a low mileage and well looked after car, I am at a loss. Its at the Jag dealer now awaiting examination. Could it be codes set off due to battery being low? Are there possible issues when replacing an air filter, sensors that need reset etc? I know Jag will run diagnostic checks but I am expecting the worst so they can make lots of money. Forearmed is forewarned etc. Appreciate any advice at all, thank you.

Was it dead electrically? Did the engine turn on the starter?

Hi David

Yes the dash lit up and the starter motor tried to turn over.

Whatever happens ask for the codes that the dealer pulls down, then you will have an idea what happened.

Yes I will do that thanks.