XF 2.7n litre diesel DSC unavailable - restricted performance

Hi, fellow Jag-lovers!
My daughter’s car again; the DSC warning comes on immediately when selecting Drive, and the message “restricted performance” is presented.

Any wisdom on this, anyone?

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

From my understanding, there’s a myriad of things that could cause this. Have you used a scan tool to read the codes yet? That’s probably your best starting point. It could be a MAF issue, an EGR issue, MAP issue, a gearbox issue, or possibly something else less common.

Hi Brett(?)
I have scanned it but didn’t find any mention of DSC and didn’t see any logical connection to neither MAF nor EGR etc. I did get faults like:

  • Invalid data received from transmission control module
  • PO450-00 EGR B control circuit - Low. (Cleaned the EGRs but still fault)
  • P0102-21 Mass or volume air flow circuit low input (Will clean the MAFs)
  • P010C-21 Mass or volume air flow B - circuit low
  • B100D-64 Column lock authorisation
  • B112B-87 Steering wheel module
  • U0401-68 Invalid data received from ECM/PCM
  • And an ABS message

That’s a lot! I had lots of errors earlier and cleaned the main ground at the gearbox, and most of them disappeared!

Any thoughts?


Just a shot in the dark, but how old is your battery?

It is new! :innocent:

Bard Thomas

I wish I could help more, but with such a long list of faults, I’m not sure where to start. Maybe someone else will chime in who has had a similar experience.

Time for an update on this issue; We cleared most of the fault codes and upon a visit to the Jaguar dealer it turns out we are left with one code;
P045C-00 Exhaust ga recirculation B Control Circuit Low

The EGR valve was taken out and thoroughly cleaned, the operation verified; opening and shutting with applied voltage; 5V and connected via the connector. Still the fault message displays (albeit this time a little delayed).

Has anybody been through all of this and found a solution? I need all the wisdom existing out there on this one!

Kind regards,