XF 2009 rear lights

I recently had my annual MOT test on the XF. They have put an advisory on the paperwork about replacing my rear lights as many of the LED’s have failed.

Are these LED’s replaceable?

I have looked on EBay for whole replacement lights, but i suspect that most that are for sale have the same problem ?

Does anyone know a reputable breaker of XF’s in UK that have many XF parts in stock.

As a last resort you might be able to split the unit and try to replace the dead LEDs?

I haven’t done it myself yet, but based off the workshop manual, it looks like the bulbs are replaceable. Have you looked in the boot yet to see for yourself?

That is a good idea, I will try to have a look once our awful weather clears up ! Also will go to nearest Jaguar dealer parts department to see if they sell just LED replacement parts.

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