XF 3.0 TD premium luxury model

I normally inhabit the XK and E type columns, but I also own a modern 2009 XF 3.0 TD which I have had since 2012. It has been 100% reliable, economical. It now has a total miles of 57,000.
Should I be renewing timing belts and pump belts at this age and miles. Apparently very expensive job on a car worth £7000 ? In UK

Its either do them or wait for them to break, at which point the engine may have grenaded, I don’t know if these are interference engines? If they are then you have just lost 7k

I have no idea what the service interval is on those engines, but if its recommended, I would suggest doing it. You say you have a trouble-free car so there’s no reason to not take care of it and be good to it so it will continue being good to you.

XF UK forum 7 years or 112,000 miles.

Thanks to the replies, which as expected say get it done.
Just checked with Jag specialist, about £1200 for timing belt and £250 for pump belt at the back of the engine. All plus VAT of course !!