XF Forum Activity - where'd everybody go?

(Brett) #1

Is anyone else surprised by the lack of activity here on the XF forum? They’ve offered this car for 10 years now here in the States, and I think a little longer in places like the U.K. There seems to be quite a few of them running around on the streets. I wonder why none of that translates into activity on this board. From the looks of it, I’m the only one who has really posted anything in the past three months, and I haven’t posted much!


(Gary Crosby 75 XJ6L, 85 XJ-S, 09 XF Supercharged.) #2


Can’t say i have any problems with my XF. My biggest issue would be to get ride of the 20" wheels and go to 19 or even 18 wheels…i find the ride on the 20’s with so little sidewall a bit rougher than i would like.

All in all…my car behaves very well.




(Brett) #3

Maybe you’re right Gary… people aren’t having many problems with them. Strangely enough, the Facebook XF page has more activity than I can keep up with. However, most of the postings there seem to be about MPG, how they blinged up their car and want validation that its an improvement (it never is), or they’re having a problem with their diesel engine.

Other than the TPMS issue, mine has been trouble free since I got it. Still need to fix the wiper delay function, which was broken before I got the car, and replace the spark plugs and front bushings whenever I get the time, but its been fairly smooth sailing thus far.

And I agree with you on the 20’s. They’re a bit harsh. Also, I wish they had a little more sidewall simply to protect against curb rash.

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(JimD in Alabama) #4

I agree. Check the XJS forum almost daily, and the V12 weekly, and check here but not much going on.
Wife has '09 XF SC. We bought it from a lease turn-in in 2012. All stock except Michelin rubber. Has been trouble free. Doesn’t get a lot of driving as she is a homebody. I drive it around once a week or so and drive “spiritedly”. Last few months it has thrown the P0128 code about coolant temp not meeting expected point in expected time. I have been checking the code to ensure the check engine light isn’t anything more serious, and then cleared it.
Have put thermostat change (and coolant fluids refresh) on my “one of these days” list

Headliner is starting to sag above the visors and in the rearmost corners.


(Brett) #5

That’s interesting, Jim. This is the first time I’ve heard of an issue with the headliner on these cars.


(htdgbob) #6

I was surprised not more activity either. Recently bought, 2102 xfr. Could not resist the 510 horsepower. Added to our fleet of 1989 XJS and 1985 XJ6. Honestly the best car I have ever driven. 43K miles, so looking forward to having the car for a number of years.


(Gary Crosby 75 XJ6L, 85 XJ-S, 09 XF Supercharged.) #7

I want to see what that body style looks like on that 2102 model year😉


(Brett) #8

Congratulations htdgbob! There aren’t a lot of XFRs around. I haven’t run across one since I bought mine last year. It will be good to have another XF owner on the board.


(j limongelli) #9

I love my XF wagon, nothing to report with 10,000 miles.
It just drives without any drama.


(Brett) #10

Everyone I’ve heard from has had a positive experience with their XF. However, with sales of them being so terrible, I wouldn’t be surprised if the model gets dropped. Then we may have even less activity in this forum!


(j limongelli) #11

Brett, Cars …Cars and the gasoline engine are on the way out.
I like mine but after driving trucks for 20 years, once my lease is up its back to a truck. The drivers are insane and there no rules of the road.


(Brett) #12

I agree Joey. Whether it makes sense or not, Wall Street expects everything to be electric, so everything else is being pushed aside. And like you said, everyone wants a truck or SUV nowadays, so car sales are in the toilet.

Speaking for myself, I hope to always have at least one car. I own a small truck, and have owned a few in the past as well, because I actually use them for what they were intended for… as a truck! But for me, they do everything else poorly. Maybe I wouldn’t care if I lived out in the country, but as a city dweller, there are times where its lack of performance makes it almost dangerous to drive. That’s why I hope I still have options in the future and am not forced to buy an SUV or a ginormous pickup.


(JimD in Alabama) #13

as one who lives in a rural part of the country I just can’t picture myself in an electric. Not because I am prejudiced against electric, but because charging stations won’t be around here in plentiful fashion while I am still able to drive and enjoy driving. I am becoming a dinosaur
Have a full size 2WD truck (not one of the behometh’s guys drive today) that is 20 years old. Use it and treat it as truck.
Have a 95 V12 XJS that is my “baby” and gets driven on sunny days.
Have a '03 350Z 6 speed that is my daily driver and a really fun car.
And then the wife’s XF SC - - that gets driven about once a week. Great car, fun to drive, super quick. And has been very reliable. Thank goodness because nearest Jag dealer close to 4 hours away

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(Brett) #14

Jim, you sound like my kind of guy… you own both old and new, foreign and domestic, and have vehicles for both fun and utility.

I’m all over the map myself with 2 Jags, a Ranger pickup, an old Dodge Charger, and a Volvo 1800.